Marketing task

The range of possible Clients’ objectives, which can be achieved with the help of marketing research, is quite wide. Typical situations when a need to conduct a marketing research can arise are listed below:
Analysis of general conditions in the market, identification of leading trademarks in the market
Trademark positioning in the market, analysis of “brand’s health”
Brand-tracking (brand awareness analysis, share of loyal customers analysis, evaluations of customer base dynamics etc.)
Analysis of competitive brands
Identification of target audience for a trademark/product line (category)
Efficiency evaluation of marketing actions
Efficiency evaluation of BTL actions
Product testing by Client’s customers
Testing of perception of advertising materials
Testing of alternatives for brand “appearance”: name, package etc
Testing of possibilities to change the trademark’s pricing positioning
U&A research (analysis of consumer motivation for consumption of various trademarks and customer motivation analysis)
Analysis of brand/company’s image perception by the customers
Analysis of general conditions in the market, identification of leading companies in the examined segment of the market
Analysis of competitors (prices, range of offered products / services, level of distribution)
Competitors’ advertising activity analysis
Identification of potential corporate customers
Company’s image analysis in the corporate environment
Efficiency analysis of retail and distribution chains’ activities
Analysis of exhibition activities (marketing support)
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