Expanding the possibilities of online research in medicine and pharmacy. Due to cooperation with the project "Doctors of the Russian Federation" Now we can quickly conduct research among any medical specialties . Now geography research is not limited to the major cities of Russia, we can turn to professionals and small cities.
Conducting a series of measurements of visitor flows shopping centers, individual salons. Simultaneously recorded / tracked by the ratio of visitors / buyers furniture showrooms.
There is strong customer interest in online research - evaluation of consumer loyalty, new product concept testing, pretest commercials (TV, internet). Launched a number of projects in the segments of "food", "pharmacy", "furniture"
Our company - 12 years ! We thank clients and partners for pleasure of co-authorship and trust.
Thanks to all, who with us all these years.
A comprehensive study of customers wear segment casual. Additionally, the project analyzed the factors of loyalty to clothing and shopping network one of the leading Russian manufacturers of casual clothing

A project to audit the delivery time of mail by Moscow. Project control monitoring executed on the order FSUE "Russian Post".
Completed a comprehensive study of the Russian consumer market of skin antiseptics on request the leading Russian manufacturer of antiseptics - Company Bentus laboratory
Performance of the state contract with Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation (No. 300) which subject was the analysis of efficiency of information and explanatory work with target groups in the course of implementation of the Pilot project to destination and payment to the insured persons of an insurance coverage is complete
Active development of the Pharmaceutics direction proceeds. Internet poll for Astellas company, an assessment of efficiency of an advertizing campaign of a brand to Sinuforte INVAR company are carried out complex research before start of a new antiviral preparation of the Laboratories ANVI

ActiveMarketing means expertise and successful achievement of wide range of marketing objectives.

ActiveMarketing means trust and appreciation by serious Clients. Our company successfully completed dozens of projects for clients in Russia and abroad.

ActiveMarketing means broad geographical coverage of research. We conduct projects in most regions of Russia and CIS.

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