About Company

The moving forces and trends in the development of modern market is the basis on which the Center for market research ActiveMarketing is grounded. Its primary activities are set up subject to up-to-date distinctive features of consumer, marketing and advertising markets.

ActiveMarketing conducts marketing research projects of different types and complexity. One of our most topical service lines is complex marketing support for trademarks during their life-time in the market. Such a service allows us to resolve nonstandard objectives of any kind for our Clients and act on-the-fly to any changes during the product life cycle of trademarks.

Research arsenal of ActiveMarketing consists of all traditional marketing methods of research, as well as new methodologies including foreign and self-developed methodologies. A wide range of research techniques allows us to create tailored and most accurate methods in order to achieve marketing objectives.

For its Clients ActiveMarketing develops several alternative research scenarios subject to cost-benefit requirements imposed by the Client, communicates with the Client during each stage of marketing research, and enables to give the Client an opportunity to control the project at each stage.

ActiveMarketing is a member of ESOMAR (European Society of Opinion and Market Research). All projects of the Company are conducted in accordance with International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice ICC/ESOMAR.

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